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Best Surf Spots in Bali

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Bali seems to have literally everything you could want in a good island paradise – great food, nice people, good culture, beautiful beaches, tropical forests, and of course great surfing.  If there was a surf paradise, it would probably look pretty similar to Bali.  You can find good surf spots all around the island, some famous and crowded, others calm and peaceful.  Whether you are experienced and looking for large swells or a beginner who’d appreciate a soft, sandy bottom, Bali has a surf spot that will fit perfectly.  Check out a few of the top rated surf spots below and enjoy the waves.

Kuta Beach

The original surf hangout in Bali and one of the most famous surfing spots in the world, Kuta Beach is a must see.  For beginners, you won’t find much better than this beach with a sandy bottom and moderate level waves.  The beach is right in the heart of  town and you can either sign up for lessons or rent boards right on the beach.  It is a bit of a surf bum hangout with cheap accommodation options and good nightlife, though it does tend to attract a crowd.  If you are a bit more experienced, the waves and crowds of new surfers might be a downside but it is still worth checking out for at least a few hours.

Padang Padang Beach

Speaking of experienced surfers, Bali has plenty of options for you as well.  Padang Padang Beach is another surf paradise with swells ranging from 50m long on a good day to 300m on a great day.  The beach has become famous for having some of Bali’s best swells and it can get a bit crowded, especially on the weekends.  The beach also hosts a number of yearly surf contests.  Surfers with a bit of experience who are looking to learn more can sign up for lessons with local surfers who know where on the beach to catch the best waves for your skill level. You can also check Holiday Digg for other travel articles.

Balangan Beach

If the crowds at Kuta are too much for you and the waves at Padang a bit too large, Balangan Beach is a nice intermediate option.  Popular with the laid back, long-term traveler/surf types, Balangan Beach is a great place for both surfing and relaxing in a beachside hammock.  It has one of the few good left hand reef breaks though the rock and coral bottom is a bit rough.  The best time to surf here is midweek when the beach is largely deserted and you’ll have only a handful or so of other surfers to share the swells with.

Uluwatu Beach

Reaching the waters of Uluwatu is a truly Balinese experience.  Before heading right to the beach, stop by the famous Uluwatu temple, known for wild macaque monkeys.  Next head for the cave, where you can experience one of the most picturesque initial paddles, straight through the cave out out to the surf.  The swells here are great for intermediate surfers with larger waves over a rock bottom.  While Uluwatu can often look crowded, the beach actually has 5 different breaks and can accommodate a good number of surfers most days.

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