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Koh Samui – The Best Island for Families in Thailand

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Planning a family vacation to Thailand can seem like a bit of a risk.  It is known for chaotic cities, super spicy food, overwhelming markets, and is sure to cause a bit of culture shock for both kids and parents.  That is part of the fun though!  Besides, the country is also known for incredibly beautiful beaches, friendly people, and a culture that adores children.  It might be a bit off the beaten track for some but with major vacation resorts popping up all the time and a solid reputation as a great family getaway option, Thailand should definitely be on your short list of options for the next family trip.

One of the true highlights of the country are the islands in the south.  Here you can experience great beaches, backed by lush jungles, and islands filled with kid-friendly activities.  Many of the islands attract families but arguably one of the best for a family vacation is Koh Samui.

Family Friendly Hotels & Restaurants

On Koh Samui you won’t have any trouble finding a great hotel option.  From large resorts to independent beachfront apartment rentals, the options are extensive.  Many of the hotels and resorts offer kid’s clubs where children from toddler to teen can sign up for classes and activities like coconut painting and traditional Thai music lessons.  Other amenities at the larger properties include babysitters, kid’s pools, and family villa rentals.  For large families, apartment rentals can be a great idea, giving you access to a full kitchen and lots of private space.  Many are located on the edges of town, helping you to avoid the crowds and keeping your family out of the well known nightlife areas.

Just because you are with kids though, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the best of the best in Koh Samui nightlife and restaurants.  Besides having a number of Western-style restaurants, perfect for picky eaters, many Thai restaurants here offer kid’s menus and are willing to tone down the spice level for younger guests.  After dinner, check out the nightlife.  You wont have to take the kid’s home first if you head to Q Bar, which has a kid’s room where they can play pool or watch cartoons while mom and dad have a nice date night.

Convenience & Safety

If the great hotels, restaurants, and family villas don’t sell you on Koh Samui, just take a look at the safety record and convenience of the island.  Yes, you are on an island but you sure don’t feel like it when you hit the stores which stock all the basics a family needs on vacation – from sunscreen to sand pails.  Families with younger kids will be able to find name brand diapers and formula.  Unlike many places in Thailand, vacationing here you wont have to worry about filling your bag with all the odds and ends you might possibly need.  If you need something, you can likely find it on the island without too much work.

Another concern to keep in mind when vacationing as a family is safety.  Koh Samui is a very safe part of Thailand and while you should take basic precautions, families are rarely the targets of crime.  Besides basic safety, Koh Samui also has great hospitals and health clinics, which are staffed by at least a few English speaking doctors.

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