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Modern and Ancient – Hong Kong’s Perfect Blend

Huge skyscrapers, vibrant nightlife, delicious food, and nature you might not have been aware of – Hong Kong is a delicious mixture of old and new, modern and ancient. If you’ve never ventured east to this fantastic destination, now is the time!

Obviously, Hong Kong is a large city, and that means doing your research into what you want to see and how you’re going to get around. Hong Kong Island is the main area where tourists head to, and this is the pictures you will have seen on the Internet and in travel magazines, with the huge skyscrapers. The Peak is somewhere everyone should visit when on Hong Kong Island, and this is where you will see some of the most breath-taking views over the whole metropolis.

Hong Kong International Airport is a short distance away from what would be considered the central part of the city, and it is actually located just north of Lantau Island. This is a very busy airport, so it’s a good idea to organise your transport from here to your hotel ahead of time. Have you thought about hiring a limo? A trip as exciting and interesting and this one deserves and exciting and interesting form of transportation! This isn’t as expensive as you may think, and is a great way to start your trip.

Whilst venturing around, don’t miss Kowloon. This is a part of the city which is more bustling and authentic, and is full of street markets and huge air conditioned malls. This is a chaotic part of the city, but it’s fun with a capital F! If you love Thai food, this is also the place for you.

You might be surprised to learn that there are many natural wonders just outside of Hong Kong, and these are easy to visit during your time. There are a few short hiking trips, which take around two hours, or you could hike up Victoria Peak, which has some stunning views from the top. This is quite an exclusive area, and there is an observation platform at the summit, as well as the obligatory shopping opportunities!

Lantau Island is easy to head to, and here you will find some quiet beaches to chill out on, giving you time to recovery from the hectic pace of the city itself. If you look just off the island, you may even be lucky enough to spot a Chinese white dolphin!

Of course, Hong Kong Disneyland Resort is only a stone’s throw away!

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