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Some countries are made for exploration, whether that is by visiting several resorts over a period of time, or having an epic adventure of your own, put simply, the world is there to be explored regardless of how you do it.

If you’ve never ventured to Indonesia, perhaps it’s time you changed your view of this fantastically beautiful part of the world. Maybe it simply hasn’t been on your radar before, or perhaps this is just somewhere that you assumed to be too difficult to travel to. The truth of the matter is that Indonesia is very easy to get around, and when you jump on the back of a motorcycle and venture off on one of the many motorcycle tours on offer, the whole experience gets ten times better!

Motorcycle tours in Indonesia all you to see the country and its passing landscapes much more clearly, and much more personally than if you tried in a different way. Having the wind in your hair and the world whizzing past you is a true trip, and it is something that will probably make you want to try exploring other parts of the world too!

Indonesia’s capital, Jakarta, is certainly somewhere you should be spending a night or two, exploring the vibrancy and the culture of such a huge metropolis. From there, you can head off and explore the rural areas, all with the help of a planned route. Having someone experienced to give you a tour that shows you the highlights, rather than having to try and figure it all out for yourself, is a true benefit, because that means you’re not going the long way around, and potentially missing the good stuff!

Indonesia is obviously an island archipelago, so you need to pick the region that suits you best. Java is the most visited island, and this is where the capital city is located, as well as being the most populous. There are plentiful cultural areas to explore on this island too, as well as modern-day life if you need to venture back from time to time.

If you can extend your trip then it’s definitely worth doing so, as the other islands are ideal for the true adventurer at heart. Kalimantan, better known as Borneo, is a true expedition, and if you are someone who loves to get off the beaten track, make this somewhere you head to!

Overall, motorcycle tours really do give you that freedom-inducing feeling, and Indonesia is one of the best places to experience it all.

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