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Cheapest Place to Stay in the Caribbean

When you think of a Caribbean vacation, you probably imagine gorgeous white sand beaches, turquoise blue water, and a beautiful, private beachfront villa.  Well, other than that last one, you can find this picturesque version of the Caribbean islands almost anywhere.  Made up of thousands of islands and dozens of countries, the Caribbean is a vibrant, diverse place.  Sure it is known for private island paradise and top luxury resorts, but it is also known for charming local culture and a laid back lifestyle.  This variety of life makes the Caribbean a great place to vacation whether you are a millionaire or a budget traveler.  If you are looking for a tropical island paradise on a strict budget, be sure to check out some of the Caribbean’s cheapest destination options below.

Dominican Republic

For many year this has been the top budget Caribbean vacation option with Europeans and it is finally attracting a few budget conscious US vacationers as well.  The Dominican Republic is definitely one of the poorer countries in the Caribbean, which helps drive prices low, but it is still filled with plenty of great hotels and resorts catering to international travelers.  Punta Cana, nicknamed the  “Cancún of the Dominican Republic” has a huge volume of low-priced accommodation options, including budget hotels and affordable all-inclusive resorts.

While the prices might be low, the experience here is not budget.  Gorgeous beaches are found all over the country and if you are into diving or snorkeling, you won’t be disappointed by the area’s vibrant sea life.  Prices for excursions and activities are also quite low and you can eat in delicious local restaurants for next to nothing.


While you might be on a budget, that doesn’t mean your Caribbean vacation has to be bland or boring.  In Jamaica, the local culture, food, and music are all highlights you can enjoy for next to nothing.  Get a feel for the local Rastafarian culture by stopping by the Bob Marley Museum or by enjoying a bit of the local music scene at beachfront bars found all around the island.  Jamaican food is known throughout the Caribbean as being some of the best of the best and while the island has plenty of great high end restaurants, you can get a taste of the local cuisine for a fraction of the cost at smaller, locally run places.

Jamaica has plenty of affordable hotel options but the real saves come from enjoying the best local tradition – just liming.  This word, used throughout the Caribbean but most perfectly displayed on Jamaica means to just hang out and relax.  There is nothing cheaper than just grabbing a local beer, heading to the beach, and enjoying the Caribbean sun.

Puerto Rico

If you are from the US and not a big international traveler, heading to Puerto Rico will save you money before you even leave for the airport.  As a territory of the United States, US citizens don’t even have to have a passport to visit.  Add to that cheap hotels, affordable prices on food and transportation, and lot of activities to keep you busy, and Puerto Rico comes out to be a great budget option in the Caribbean.  The capital San Juan is filled with history, cute cobblestone streets, and colonial architecture.  At night, the bars come alive with great music, cheap beers, and incredible salsa dancing.

For beachfront paradise, the small coastal town of Rincon is a great option where prices are affordable and often negotiable.  Rent a beachfront room for the night or stay a bit longer and you can score a deal on weekly apartments.  Besides cheap hotel rooms, you can also find casual, local restaurants and even some great deals on surf lessons.

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