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5 Great Island Stays for Diving Trips

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A beautiful island vacation is the dream of many.  From lounging in a hammock on the beach to trekking through island jungles, people are always surprised at how many adventures and activities you can pack on an island.  Of course their best feature – they are surrounded by water and for divers that means 360 degrees of paradise.  Below are 5 great island stays to consider for your next dive vacation.  Whether you are hoping for colorful coral reefs or shipwreck dives, between them, they offer some of the world’s best diving opportunities as well as great hotels, restaurants, and non-diving activities to round out your island vacation.

The Maldives

With over 1,000 islands and more dive sites than you could see in a lifetime, the Maldives are a diver’s dream.  This is not your standard island vacation destination though.  The Maldives are not only known for picturesque islands and incredible dive sites, they are also known for their luxury resorts.  Here you can dive all day and come home to a private over-water bungalow.  The islands are also known for specialty dives, where you can learn skills like underwater photography and drift diving.  There are literally thousands of great dive spots but a highly recommended option is Maaya Thila, nicknamed the “White Tip Reef Shark Capital of the Maldives.”


There is so much to attract people to Bali – the incredible culture, peaceful setting, and of course the great diving spots all around the island.  The island is popular for beginner divers, looking to get a PADI certification and it is one of the cheaper places in the world to take dive lessons.  For more experienced divers, there are lots of good, safe dive companies around the island who know all the best dive spots.  If you are looking for a dive with a bit of history, check out the old Liberty wreck.  The ship was torpedoed by the Japanese in the 1940s and then towed and sunk here, just 30 meters off the shore.

Lord Howe Island, Australia

Long considered a paradise and even listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site,  Lord Howe Island, off the east coast of Australia offers a truly once-in-a-lifetime dive opportunity.  Here you will be able to explore the world’s southernmost coral reef at over 30 dive spots throughout the Admiralty Island chain.  The island of Lord Howe Island is not only the jumping off point for great dives but also jungle treks and excursions to the island’s volcano.  There is a strict 400 person limit on the island when it comes to tourists though so if you want to visit, you will have to plan ahead.


Representing the smaller island in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, Tobago is a great island vacation option due to its location in the southern Caribbean, outside of the main hurricane region.  Besides great weather, perfect beaches, and a tropical jungle interior, the island is also a great place for diving.  Many resorts offer on-site PADI facilities and dive instructors that know both great beginner and advanced dive spots.  Parrot fish and manta ray are the regions most common dive highlights but with rich, healthy reefs, you’re sure to spot much more.

The Cayman Islands

The wonderful waters of the Cayman Islands have literally been attracting divers since the beginning days of scuba diving.  The islands are even home to the PADI Diving Society’s annual Total Submersion event.  Known for great coral reefs, good visibility, and most of all cliff dives, the islands attract many of the world’s best divers.  For visitors, there are lots of great dive choices based on skill level with the Bloody Bay Wall near Little Cayman being an especially highly rated dive site.

Photo Credit: WanderingtheWorld (www.ChrisFord.com) via photopin cc

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