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6 Reasons to Love Hamburg

So you’re planning to visit Hamburg soon? Good for you! This is currently one of the most exciting cities in Europe for a casual escapade. And just in case you’re not quite up to date on the reasons why, we wrote this article as a friendly reminder. Read on and enjoy!

1 – The most delicious fresh fish

hamburg-fresh fish

Since Hamburg is a port town, you might have assumed it’s a good place to eat fresh fish. Absolutely! There is a huge tradition in terms of fish gastronomy, which clearly shows in the menu of about every restaurant there. You can also visit the lively fish markets and buy fresh fish to cook yourself, as well as trying one of the super popular Fisch Brotchen (Fish sandwiches).

2 – Water sports and boat riding

Hamburg was built along the impressive Elbe River (which happens to be one of the largest in Europe). Not only that, it’s criss-crossed by the smaller but peaceful Alster river, which forms two lakes right in the city’s centre… which obviously means that you’ll find a huge diversity of water sports and boat tours in the area – a good choice for those looking for a refreshing and unique perspective of the city however to do to make sure that you check your holiday policy covers any activities you take park in.

3 – Lively night life

Courtesy of its multiple universities, Hamburg is somewhat of a haven for young people from all over Europe. Since college life often goes together with club life, you will notice there is a surprisingly relaxed and cheerful night scene featuring many bars and clubs of all shapes, sizes and themes. This makes up for a vibrant evening atmosphere, not only at those venues but generally all around the city centre.

4 – Music everywhere

Hamburg is not the kind of city that limits its music to night clubs and bars. There are some fine concert halls waiting to be explored, as well as many opportunities to enjoy live performances right in the city parks (especially Bloomen and Planten Park) courtesy of the multiple events organized by the city hall, especially in the summer.

5- Multiple Art exhibits

hamburg - art exhibit
There are notorious art collections waiting to be seen in Hamburg, especially at the city’s own Kunsthalle – a classical art museum split over three buildings, which feature permanent as well as special exhibitions spanning seven centuries of history. Additionally, there is a big museum of modern art and photography – the Deichtorhallen – as well as a myriad of smaller museums covering just about any subject, from the Maritime Museum to Miniatur Wunderland.

6 – More bridges than you can count

If you enjoy observing architectural landmarks, Hamburg has a lot to keep you going. From the multiple churches from different historical periods to the ancient cobbled streets and brick buildings, you will have a great time exploring the city. A special feature of Hamburg: bridges! There are over 2,300 bridges scattered all over the city, in all kinds of imaginable styles and shapes.


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