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Adventurous Holidays in Mauritius

With great tropical weather, a very multiethnic culture, and beautiful landscapes, Mauritius has grown to be a very popular island vacation destination for people across the world.  First settled by the Dutch, then the French, then the British, the island has a nice mix of communities including strong African and Indian communities as well.

Once an uninhabited island in the middle of the Indian Ocean best known for the famous dodo bird, Mauritius is now known for top luxury hotels and resorts.  If you want incredible restaurants, glamorous hotels, and great spas, Mauritius is sure to please.  Thankfully, the island nation’s charm extends beyond the luxury hotels with plenty of adventure activities to keep travelers happy as well.  Check out a list of some of the top adventure holiday activities in Mauritius below.


Mauritius, like any classic volcanic island archipelago, has plenty of beautiful peaks to explore.  The island is also very rugged with deep canyons and wide valleys, all filled with incredible tropical forests that make hiking quite an adventure.  A popular trekking spot is the Black River Gorges National Park where you can both hike to the tallest peak in Mauritius or down into the forested Black River gorge.

Besides hiking, there are a number of companies offering jeep tours, quad rentals, or horseback riding trips to explore the island’s interior.  If you are in to mountain biking, also don’t miss the many great paths set up throughout the island’s interior.


A great way to add a bit more fun to your basic Mauritius hike is to incorporate some ziplining.  Island companies set up full and half day trekking adventures that combine hiking, rock climbing, ziplining, and even rope bridge river crossings.  While some ziplines are set up in the forests of the island, a few are located within sugar plantations, one of the island’s most important industries.  These give visitors not only a chance to do a bit of ziplining but also to tour – and hopefully do a bit of taste testing- on a traditional sugar plantation.

Scuba Diving

Being an island, it makes sense that many of Mauritius adventure highlights revolve around the sea.   Scuba diving is very popular with both beginner and advanced dives available.  The top diving excursions happen around Le Morne, where crystal clear waters and lots of sea life make for great dive conditions.

If you aren’t up for scuba diving or just don’t know how, check out the submarine scooter “safaris.”  Using a scooter like mini-sub, travelers can explore the underwater paradise of Mauritius with little more than a quick safety lesson.


Sea kayaking in Mauritius is another great water activity, giving you a chance to explore the extensive coastline of the islands.  The Indian Ocean here is calm and clear, with many protected and secluded lagoons worth exploring.  You can sign up for a sea kayaking tour or rent the kayaks yourself for an independent tour.


From classic surfing to windsurfing, Mauritius has great options to do both.  For beginners and intermediate windsurfers, the Le Morne lagoons are the best option.  Advanced windsurfers highly recommend the nearby Manawa reef.  Le Morne is also usually the best place for surfing conditions, which range from beginner level waves to large swells.  The best conditions are usually in April and September, when you will see the professionals out.

Photo Credit: R E M I B R I D O T via photopin cc

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