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A Resort for Everyone

All too often we use the cliché that a destination has ‘something for everyone’, and a lot of the time that is simply marketing talk to try and get a whole host of people to visit a particular place, selling it as being suitable for every situation. Now, whilst a lot of the time you can’t really justify saying a place is full of activities for every single person, there are a few that do fit that description very well.

No marketing talk here, just pure, honest opinion – Myrtle Beach really does have something for everyone.

If you haven’t heard of this beach resort packed with fun, attractions, beautiful natural sights, and enough activities to keep even the most fidgety of people occupied, then it’s time you read up a little. Basically, Myrtle Beach is located in South Carolina, USA, and it is thought to be one of the most sought after beach resorts in the country – that should tell you enough about it already. There are countless Myrtle Beach hotels in the resort, ranging from budget to luxury, with a huge range of 5 star hotels to choose from for a special occasion, or simply a need for rest and relaxation.

Myrtle Beach sits on the Atlantic Ocean coast, making it wild and scenic, perfect for a break from the norm. If you’re into photography then this is one you won’t want to miss, with picturesque marinas packed with boats, bridges, beaches, and the glittering water-front itself, the focus of the resort’s life. On top of this, it has over 100 golf courses, so not only do you get to enjoy your favourite sport in stunning surroundings, but it also means that this resort is perfect for a business visit, giving you a blend of business and pleasure.

This beach is a year around resort, although there are obviously times when the weather is a little less optimum, compared to other times. March to September is the busiest and best time weather-wise, with August and September bringing a little more in the way of rain. Despite this, the resort is open no matter what the month.

So, we’ve said there’s something for everyone (there’s that cliché again), but what exactly is there to do?

Well, we mentioned golf, but on top of that you have countless shopping opportunities, a water-park, amusement parks for family fun, the NASCAR SpeedPark, Myrtle Beach Skywheel, where you can get amazing panoramic views, and the biggest attraction of them all – Broadway at the Beach.

Broadway at the Beach is basically somewhere you can lose a day or so, with shops, dining, nightclubs, hotels, bars, live theatre, fantasy golf, helicopter rides, and even museums. There’s basically enough to do inside this place without ever going outside!

Of course, we shouldn’t forget the natural beauty, with a coastline that sums up the word ‘beautiful’. A day spent on the beach here is more than just a few hours’ splashing around.

‘Something for everyone’? Well, Myrtle Beach certainly coins that cliché quite well.

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