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Safety Precautions When Traveling to Egypt

Although recent events in the news have put some travellers off visiting Egypt, there is no need to be unnecessarily alarmed. Egypt is still a wonderful holiday destination and is a perfectly safe place to take a break as long as you follow some sensible safety precautions. It is worth remembering that around 900,000 travellers from the UK visit Egypt every year without experiencing any problems, and although there is a risk of terrorism, this is minimal if you stay within the traditional tourist areas of the Nile River and the Red Sea resorts. Nevertheless, safety is paramount and therefore here are some essential considerations to bear in mind when planning your Egyptian holiday.

Avoid Demonstrations

Egypt is known to have a strong culture of rallies and political demonstrations. If you discover that the place in which you are staying is holding any form of protest you should immediately vacate the area. Failure to do so could mean putting yourself at risk of attack or arrest, so avoid all danger zones just to be safe.

Be Vigilant

When you are travelling in Egypt, vigilance is paramount. Be sure to be aware of any suspicious behaviour from anyone around you, especially when in public areas and commercial establishments. This is especially important when visiting any of the free tourist attractions in the country, like the Khan el-Khalili bazaar in Cairo.

Avoid Theft

As in many countries, there are several pickpockets at work in Egypt and this is an especially prevalent problem in tourist zones. To avoid becoming a victim there are several ways to protect yourself and your personal belongings. Be sure to leave your passport in your hotel’s safe if possible and do not carry it out and about with you. Any spare money and valuables should also be left in the safe and, of course, you should refrain from showing large amounts of cash when in public. Avoid using ATMs at night and avoid wearing large amounts of expensive jewellery. Do not walk in unlit areas after dark and make certain to hold on tightly to your bags and possessions when visiting busy tourist attractions or shopping.


Driving conditions in Egypt can be hazardous, so take care when on the roads. If you do choose to hire a car while in the country, familiarise yourself with the rules of the road and do not under any circumstances drink alcohol or take drugs before driving. You should also take care to keep any valuables out of sight while travelling to discourage bag snatchers at traffic lights.


When travelling to Egypt as to any foreign country, it is necessary to take out a high quality travel insurance so that you are protected in the event of an accident or illness during your holiday. As Egypt has a changing political climate, Battleface emergency evacuation insurance is also a wise investment.

Photo Credit: Dennis Jarvis

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